Because the difference between

"I know" and "I do" is practice.

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D&I effectiveness is about changing how we think & act as well as what we know

  • How do I break bias, address imposter syndrome and cultural differences?

  • How do I build a psychologically safety for all?

  • How do I lead conversations across differences?

  • How do I support my BIPOC employees in a way that doesn’t further isolate or pressure them?


Based on the latest science on how professionals outperform and build inclusive teams


Simple and actionable. Focused on winning habits you can start practicing tomorrow.

habit forming

All courses come with Trybe's brain training gym to help you turn new skills into habits in 1-2 minutes a day

delivers impact

Tracks behavior and culture change metrics so you can measure impact in real-time


No one gets truly excellent from spending a couple of hours in a workshop. It's as true in business as it is in sports. Like any other muscle, our brains need daily practice to turn our knowledge into skills, and skills into impact.

Trybe is leadership coaching or workshops with built-in practice.

We combine in-person training and our AI micro-learning brain training gym to make practice simple, tiny and motivating. So you see measurable impact. Fast.


If you don't have follow-on practice built into your training, learners will lose 80% of whatever value you created in 30 days. That's just the neuroscience of learning. That means you are losing at least 80 cents on the dollar today. Every time.

You don't just have a learning problem, you have a business problem.

With Trybe, you 3x your learning retention, and stop losing 80% of your investment. Problem solved.

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Trybe is a solution your learners actually want to use. That's why we see outsized engagement and our users report seeing their desired behavior change in weeks. 

But that's not it.

Trybe = A New Kind of Impact Data.


Understand the impact of your training and influence your organization like you never have before


Sr. Sales Director, Microsoft

“This sales training program is the dream. A data-driven way to unlock the potential of the most critical players in the sales org - our sales managers.

CEO, Tech startup

Trybe's focus on daily acts of behavior change makes a previously unclear topics like inclusion something I can take action on every day

Director, LinkedIn

I’ve been able to achieve unprecedented growth as a leader. And the feedback from my team validates this. Trybe is valuable whether you are a new hire, mid-level or veteran.


of all Trybe proceeds go to training & tech for non-profit minority leadership development organizations

to narrow the opportunity divide



Simple and proven methods to make remote work,

work for you and your team


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