30 Day Managing Energy Challenge

Your time is a finite resource, your energy - that's a different story.

Father and Daughter with Sparkler

This February, the Trybe workshop with a free first class is Managing Energy. The course is designed to help you manage your mind, body and values to do more with less and reach your Peak Performance.

At Trybe it's important to us to practice what we preach. So we're not just going to teach Managing Energy this month, we'll all be practicing it by taking a 30 Day Managing Energy Challenge. The rules are simple. For the next 30 days, take just 1 moment every day to either:

  1. Do something you find renewing for your mind, body or values e.g. take a walk, stop for a moment and take 10 deep breaths

  2. Appreciate someone who you've seen manage their energy in an inspiring way OR

  3. Take a moment to inspire someone else to invest in their energy e.g. share something you've done, give a word of thanks.


Take the challenge yourself. If you're feeling courageous, let us know on social media with the hashtag #30daysmanagingenergy or tag us @trybe

Sign up for the free Managing Energy workshop to pick up some new skills 

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