how do i use trybe to reflect?

  1. Open your calendar and click on the link in the invite to open Trybe

  2. Reflect on your questions - click yes or done as you go

  3. You can reflect out loud or quietly to yourself

  4. When you’re finished all 5, Click End! :)



You can edit your reflection time directly in the calendar invite. Just open it on your calendar app and adjust it there or create a new one at your ideal time.

Alternatively send an email to amy@trybe.ai. with your preferred reflection time and we'll adjust it for you.

Image by Sonja Langford

why and how do i reflect out loud?


Reflecting out loud is powerful brain training!


Ever notice how much easier it is to spot errors in an essay when you read it out loud? That’s because speaking activates the conscious brain. It's proven science.  

what happens to my out loud reflections?


If you’ve given Trybe access to your microphone while you reflect, it will gather insights to encourage you and celebrate your wins. Just hit Allow when Trybe asks for permission to access your mic at the start of your reflection.

when do i click yes or done?


Great reflection involves taking a mindfulness moment and really asking yourself… did I do my best? Can I think of a way to improve next time?  

This is a powerful way to build your growth, awareness and learning muscles.  Think of it as peak performance brain training. 


Answer your Trybe reflection questions with the same kind of mindfulness.  “Yes, I really did do my best today…” and then click! Or “No, you know what, I could have done better….” And then skip.

ok, i reflected. what next?


Your daily practice on Trybe will be summarized in your weekly progress report. Look out for nudges from amy@trybe.ai to keep you motivated and investing in your growth.

who is amy@trybe.ai?


Machine learning + TLC + Adult Supervision = amy@trybe.ai


Amy is a bot that’s trained to encourage you and celebrate your investments in personal growth.  She’s built based on the science of habit-building and a lot of TLC. She gets lots of adult supervision so if you ever have a question or feedback for us, just email amy@trybe.ai

how do i reset my password?


Forgot your password? We got you!

Just enter the wrong password twice on the login page and you'll see a Reset Password link. Click it to reset your password.

how does trybe protect my privacy?


Like talking to a coach, anything you say to Trybe is completely confidential.


In the case of corporate use, Trybe will only share data related to usage i.e. how many times you reflected. That’s it! None of your personal data about when you tried, when you didn’t or how you’re doing is shared without your explicit consent.


Aggregated & non-personally identifiable data may be shared to help promote cultural and organizational investments in change.  This would be data like “80% of the team invested in giving feedback today”.