Lara Osborne


A career-long Business Psychologist and talent practitioner, Lara has specialised in People, Performance and Culture since 2000. Bringing a global perspective with a local touch, Lara possess substantial experience working with world-class methodologies and designing bespoke solutions for a diverse range of clients across Asia-Pac, Northern America and EMEA.


Optimistic in her approach to bringing others on board and driving impactful change, Lara enjoys challenging people to 'think' and to envisage the future state. She loves being a catalyst for change and bringing together the worlds of people, business and psychology to unlock potential, drive change, and transform strategic vision into sustainable performance.


Bi-focal in nature, clients leverage Lara both strategically to lead executive or business insight conversations, or operationally to manage projects, teams and solution delivery. Lara’s ability to work both ‘on’ and ‘in’ the business, along with her relationship and communication skills are oft-cited strengths. A natural people person, Lara engages others with enthusiasm and injects energy into client interactions. She enjoys working with clients as a trusted advisor and becoming a ‘go to’ person for advisory, guidance and leadership.


Lara has practiced data-lead ways of working and making people decisions across the full gamete of Talent Management: Assessment & Executive Profiling, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Learning & Development, Organisational Network Analytics (ONA), Executive Coaching, Employee Wellbeing, Organisational Design and Cultural profiling for the past 20 years. Passionate about applying talent solutions to address enterprise-wide leadership and cultural issues, Lara has designed and executed diversity and inclusion strategies (both strategic and practical) to help clients navigate cultural and gender-based complexities and to design and help promote initiatives that drive diverse and inclusive working environments, confront long held assumptions, restructure workplace policies and attitudes, and build more diverse workplaces and leaders to lead in more inclusive and allied ways.


“Empathetic. Engaging. Empowering”