Peak Performance Leadership Certification - Level 1


Professionals with Trybe's Peak Performance Leadership Certification - Level 1 have been trained to use the neuroscience of habit building, energy management and resilience to improve individual performance. They also have an understanding of the latest research on team science, network intelligence and Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. They can apply these to drive team performance. 

These professionals:

  • Understand how to apply grit, resilience and a growth mindset to fuel their own continuous professional development

  • Understand personal and business values and how to connect the two in order to drive personal satisfaction, speed up organizational communication and increase productivity

  • Know how to leverage integrity to increase their influence and inspire their teams

  • Know how to form deep partnerships and strategic alliances using the latest science in network intelligence

  • Understand the latest innovations in team science to lead happier and more effective teams

  • Understand the latest science on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, can articulate why it matters to business impact and team health, and have a toolbox to create more inclusive cultures