Social Board FAQs

how did my social group get formed?

Image by Perry Grone

Your group is a random assignment to encourage making new connections! Make sure to answer your weekly question to keep your peers encouraged, and keep engaged to win some friendly competition with other social groups :)

HOW DO you pick who gets a spotlight?


Every week someone who tops the list in some category of engagement gets recognized in the Spotlight like sharing your perspective, reading content or doing reflections. 


The category changes week over week to keep things interesting, but getting a Spotlight always means the person has shown outsized dedication to meeting their goals and encouraging their peers on the journey.

Got one? Congrats to you :)

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my total reflections on my social board and weekly personal insights don't match. Why?

We make sure you get credit for all your engagement on your growth journey in your social board, even if things don't go perfectly. For example, if you forget to hit the Submit button, your reflection can't count to your insights in your personal weekly report, but we make sure it is reflected in your Social Board (because we got you!)