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Naomi Davidson, CEO

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Stanford Instructor

Head of Sales Enablement Strategy, LinkedIn

Head of Higher Ed, Khan Academy

Operational Excellence, McKinsey & Co. 

Founder Non-Profit


 Robotics, MIT & Berkeley

Thomas Igeme, COO

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Stanford Instructor

Group  Product Manager - Sales Productivity, LinkedIn

Head of LinkedIn Sales Innovation

Organizational Effectiveness, BCG

Stanford Researcher


Engineering, Public Policy, Stanford


S.N. Davidson, T. Igeme. 2018 Can we "Moneyball" business teams?


T. Igeme 2018 Master your mindset in 2 minutes a day


S.N. Davidson, F. Haubensak PhD, T. Igeme, P. Raman. 2018 Validating a Psychological Safety and Operational Excellence rubric in entrepreneurial competitions. 


S.N. Davidson 2018 How Decision Engineering Can Help You Supercharge Your Life

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