Trybe is advanced brain training

based on grit


We use three powerful techniques to help you build new habits fast:

  1. Self-awareness

  2. Visualization

  3. Planning



My learning goal: Building self-awareness with a growth mindset (becoming aware of when and how to do my best).


There's value in doing my best whenever I can, but life will get in the way for everyone. There's also value in recognizing when I am not at my best and figuring out what I need to get back up.


Challenge levels: My level describes the positive outcome I can expect based on my % YES to doing my best.

  • <=40%: Practicing outside your comfort zone. Gritty!

  • 40% - 60%: Kudos! You're pushing yourself

  • 60% - 90%: You're in habit-building zone

  • 90%+: You're in precision zone



My learning goal: Using the power of visualization to change my daily outcomes. 


Visualization is simply thinking through my goals and devising successful strategies to accomplish them. The more I try, the better I become - and there's no time like the present to practice.


Trend: % increase week over week that encourages me to keep practicing more

Brain training intensity: Brain training yields the fastest results when it's done frequently. How intense are my brain training workouts at the moment?

  • High – Mastering: 3+ days per week

  • Intermittent – Maintaining:  1-3 x per week

  • Light – Exploring: Less 1x per week



My learning goal: Taking the time to set clear, specific intentions about my high priority behaviors. 


The more I succeed at this, the higher my odds of reaching my goals.


Goal focus level: The greater my focus the more likely I am to achieve my goals. How much focus do I have right now?

  • Daily consistency – 3+ days per week

  • Weekly consistency – at least 1x per week

  • Infrequent consistency – <1x per week